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Ladder Securing Device, Adjustable Stabilizer Strap with Uni-Clip Safety Bracket, Quick and Easy Installation Lockdown Clamp, Contractors and Roof Work, Cleaning Gutters and Windows

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Every time you climb on a roof and leave your ladder unsecured, you are taking a risk. The possibility of the ladder blowing off and causing property damage or personal injury is a great concern. In addition to the risk of injury, the embarrassment of being stuck on a rood without a ladder is something we all would like to avoid.

The ladderSTEADY product offers a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to secure the ladder. Unlike typical rigging methods such as vice grips, clamps, wire or screws, and other evasive tie-off techniques, the ladderSTEADY is designed to secure the ladder without damaging the existing roof.

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Important Disclaimer

This product is not a fall protection device. This product is not for use on ladders longer than 23’11”. Its sole purpose is to help prevent ladder “blowoffs” and accidental displacement of un-attended ladders.


How to install the ladderSTEADY:

  1. Safely position the ladder according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Note: Most safety requirements require the ladder to be a minimum of 3’ above the eye.
  2. Adjust the ladder so that a rung is 10” above the drip edge.
  3. Insert the ladderSTEADY by sliding under the drip edge or 2x facia board until secure.
  4. Open strap clip, secure strap over the rung, and clip the two(2) strap clips together.
  5. Pull the strap ends in the opposite direction using moderate pressure until tight.
  6. Secure excess strap in a safe manner.
Note: Add under the eave drip or drip edge required to be  26 gauge steel or .024 aluminum or greater.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2.12 × 2.12 in


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US 10,161,186 B1


  • Quick, Easy, Secure
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Prevents "blow-offs"
  • Not a fall protection device
  • Durable Polypropylene Strap
  • Portable & Weatherproof
ladderSTEADY Ladder Securing Device Adjustable Stabilizer Strap with Uni-Clip Safety Bracket Quick and Easy Installation Lockdown Clamp Contractors and Roof Work Cleaning Gutters Windows